Monday, 2 September 2013

Old books - Part 1

I've always liked book upcycling diy projects, but I would never "damage" a book from my collection.
Luckily I work in a library and we need to remove old and out of date books, which I'm more than happy to reuse in another way!!

Here is a project that got first published on a Greek website:

Για να δείτε τις οδηγίες στα ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ και θα μεταφερθείται στο

You need to choose a thick book in order to have a great result. But it's up to you how tall the book you use will be. Remove the cover and you're ready to start.

Take the first page and fold it in half. Take the second page and fold it in half, putting the edge of the page between the first and the second page. Continue folding each page separately until you finish with the book.

The font size and type of the book you choose will determine the final result. So will the black&white or colorful pictures and the yellowish pages of an old book.

I have mine next to the front door and I store mail and small notes in it. Where will you put yours?

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